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Ingrid Thortveit (b.1986) is a Norwegian born fine artist. Already at a young age, she started to show interest in drawing and painting.
To continue developing as an artist, Thortveit moved to Paris in 2006, then London the following year, where she worked on portrait commissions.
In 2011, Thortveit moved to Gothenburg in Sweden to study full time at The Florence Academy of Art. During her time in Sweden, she received a scholarship and several prizes for exceptional works.
After graduating from The Florence Academy Sweden in 2014, Thortveit was awarded a Fourth Year Prize of spesialized studies with the founder and Director Daniel Graves in Florence/Italy, while at the same time teaching at the Academy.
Thortveit has had several exhibitions and group shows in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Paris, London and New York. She is doing commissions of all sorts, portraits in particular. Her work has been published in different  brochures and magazines. In 2013 Thortveit's painting of Buckingham Palace was featured in The London Gate Brochure distributed in Asia and United Kingdom.
"My goal is not to copy nature, however, I try with my artwork to convey a particular mood. Through careful observation of light, color, human expressions and body language, I try to bring out interpersonal interaction and genuine emotions »
-Ingrid Thortveit
To view Ingrid Thortveit's Curriculum Vitae, please  click here


Ingrid Thortveit

Photocredit: Stefan Hoareau

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